Sunday, August 24, 2008

Van Gough? Monet? Kadinsky?

I think we may have an artist on our hands!!! The other morning Jay was reaching for the highlighters on the table. I got him some paper and handed him one. He colored for a minute then looked up at me; I smiled and told him "Good Job!" he put the highlighter down and clapped for himself. I handed him another color. He colored with it for a minute than looked up at me again. I smiled and told him "Good Job!" and he put the new highlighter down and clapped for himself...again. We continued this same routine through all four highlighters. Man, I love that kid.

Summer is so Fun!

The Davis County Fair....suprisingly fun!!

Jay's Uncle Will invited us to the fair. I must say, Jay LOVED it! Between the demolition derby, elephant ride, and petting all the animals he was in heaven! I think we will be going every year. I've never really liked the fair before, but like many other things, seeing it through my child's eyes makes it more magical!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mayfield Reunion 2008

Every year in August Jason's family has a reunion in Mayfield (by Manti). The first year I went (9 years ago) Tiana and I rolled a jeep and totaled it. I have really been trying to make a better impression ever since. It is so fun to get together with everyone and figure out how the hell we are all related. This was Jay's and Georgia's first year at the reunion. Jay's favorite thing was all the rides on the fourwheelers. I think we took him on about 6 rides in 2 days. We could not get him off!! We also brought my neice Kennedy who had a blast and became best friends with Lily (Jason's 2nd cousin's daughter...I think) This year there were more kids than adults. There were 2 huge bounce houses, a water slide, hay rides, and dance! It was so much fun.